Rick Powell

Rick Powell’s Design Portfolio

Welcome to my design portfolio where you can see my work from over the last two years.

Rick Powell

I have recently graduated with a first class honours in Digital Media Design through the University of Brighton. During the three years I have covered a whole range of digital skills from illustration, animation, motion, app design and web design.

My key areas would have to be illustration combined with web design. I find these two go together really well, especially now web design is targeted at mobiles first. Now I have finished my course, my plans are to keep designing and to push myself as far as I can go.

Feel free to scroll down and check out my work from the past year.


This section shows my latest design projects

iPad App Design - A squash and a squeeze

This was part of my uni coursework to take a traditional book and turn it into an iPad app. I chose to use the story "A Squash and a Squeeze" By Julia Donaldson. My niece is a fan making it the ideal book to use.


I began by planning each scene using wireframes; this helped me work out where the content should go before I started the design process. Once I was happy with the layout of each scene I got started with the illustrations, for this I used Adobe Illustrator. Each element on the page is an individual layer making it ready to be applied to the iPad app. This could then be passed over to a developer who could make the magic happen and bring the app to life.

Dynamic Visualisation

Once the storyboards were completed, a dynamic visualisation was produced to give the viewer an idea of how the app would work. I used Adobe After Effects to edit this together from the illustrated images. The dynamic visualisation is a good method to test the app before putting the time into making it work for real.

Final Show Posters

I have created these two posters to be placed on the wall at my end of year show. They are both A1 and are built up from the entire story of A Squash and a Squeeze.

End Of Year Show Poster left
End Of Year Show Poster right

These are designed to be placed next to each other as shown above so the story can be read from left to right.

D & AD Awards - Department of Health

The D & AD Awards is a competition for students to enter with the chance to win a highly recognised yellow pencil award. There were many briefs to choose from, but out of them all I decided to tackle the Department of Health brief. The task was to come up with an idea to help encourage people to exercise. The minimum amount of exercise a week with proven health benefits is 150 minutes for adults and 420 for children.

My idea was to create a wristband with a build in BPM reader. This can be linked up to a smart phone to measure the user’s progress. This was the final outcome which was submitted for the competition

The campaign is aimed at encouraging people to get the health benefits of including exercise in their everyday, whether or not they are overweight. People may be disappointed when they fail to reach their target weight when following an exercise routine. This can often lead to them giving up their exercise routine as they expect failure. It is not always about losing weight; being fit and healthy is good for everybody.

This campaign aims to bring awareness that exercise does not have to be a task. Most of the time people can fit exercise into their normal daily routines without realising it, and, it can be FUN. The wristband is to help encourage people to do that little bit extra to fulfil the minimum amount of exercise to make the difference.

This simple wristband has a built-in heart BPM reader that senses the participant’s heart rate when exercising. The wristband is linked up to the app, which is free to install on a smartphone or tablet. On setup the app will calibrate the participant’s resting heartbeat. As the heart rate increases the app will start counting the minutes exercised. When the heart rate returns to normal the counter will stop. This will continue counting the exercise throughout the week and will tell the participant when they have reached the minimum time of exercise required. They can then relax and reward themselves, or keep exercising if they wish. At the beginning of each week the app will automatically reset the counter back to zero.

Participants’ can be shared with friends and family through Facebook, where people can come together and share their creative and exciting ways to exercise. This could encourage others to get involved.

Pub Bike - Second Hand Bike Community

Pub Bike is an online community dedicated to helping people buy or sell second hand bikes. It offers a free space for people to upload and advertise their bikes for sale. Other members of the public can then browse the classified ads and find the right bike for them.

This site also offers knowledge on how to fix up bike. There are many tutorial videos explaining how to go about these repairs. Along with this is a forum page where members can join or create discussions on bike related topics.

Pub Bike Logo

I had to come up with a logo to help brand the site. This can be used on many products to help bring awareness of the brand. I have designed the logo using the image of a bike crank as the container. This keeps with the bike theme making it easy to recognise it as a bike company.

Pub Bike Logo

Pub Bike Advertising

To help advertise the site I have designed flyers and business cards which can be distributed to the public. These were created as vector images using Adobe Illustrator. The beauty of this is that the images can be blown up to any size and never loose there quality.

Business Card

This business card has been designed to the same style as the website. Because the artwork is vector, it can be taken from the website and scaled to fit onto the business card. I wanted to keep the information to a minimum so not to overcrowd the artwork.

Pub Bike Business Card

The aim is that through conversation with people they will gain awareness of the website. These cards can then be handed out to remind the person about the website for later reference.


This flyer has been designed in the same way as the business card. Because the artwork is vector, it can be scaled and adjusted to fit.

Pub Bike Flyer

These flyers have been designed with the intension to be placed on parked bikes around the city. They include more information about the website compared to the business card to help people understand what the site is all about.

Timber Sphere Logo

I was contacted by Timber Sphere to create a logo for their company. They wanted a logo which could be used on the website, printed onto clothing and even used on stationary. For this reason I have kept the colours simple so it can be used on different items.

Timber Sphere is located on the channel island of Jersey. This made it difficult to meet with the client to discuss the project. I was able to overcome this issue by communicating with e-mail and Skype. These technologies enabled the client to give feedback throughout the project which increased their satisfaction.

Timber Sphere Logo


This section shows my latest web design projects

Pub Bike - Second Hand Bike Community


Pub Bike is an online community dedicated to helping people buy or sell second hand bikes. I designed the site with the priority of allowing people to buy and sell bikes. For this reason I planned how the site will be used and made the user experience as easy as possible.

This website is fully working and ready for content. It is built with SEO in mind to help function well with popular search engines. The next challenge is to get people’s awareness of the site and populate it with content.

MW Plumbing


Mark Wilkins had just started his own business as a self-employed plumber. He wanted a modern looking website to help get his name known. He needed a site to advertise his services and show examples of previous jobs. I have designed the website using the latest web standards with HTML5 and CSS3.

MW Plumbing

Matthew Smith Furniture


Matthew came to me asking for a rebuild of his website. His old site was designed using tables and was not showing up very high on Google. I had designed a new fresh style for him using the latest web standards with HTML5 and CSS3. I have also concentrated of getting him a higher ranking in Google. The key words he wanted me to concentrate on were "furniture makers Bristol". I was very pleased when I saw the site move up the rankings on Google.

Matthew Smith Furniture

Timber Sphere


Once I had created the logo for Timber Sphere, I was asked to design the website. They wanted a simple website where clients can find out about the company and get in contact with them. I have designed the website using HTML5 and CSS3.

Timber Sphere is located on the channel island of Jersey. This made it difficult to meet with the client to discuss the project. I was able to overcome this issue by communicating with e-mail and Skype. These technologies enabled the client to give feedback throughout the project which increased their satisfaction.

Timber Sphere

Phil Powell Electrical


Phil Powell Electrical had set up on his own as a sole trader in 2009. Although he was getting plenty of work through advertising in the local papers, he also wanted to get noticed through the internet. With the internet getting more popular by the minute, he decided it was time to get a website to advertise his business. I have designed a clean and simple looking website for easy navigation and user friendly functions. It is also optimised for a high Google search engine ranking. It quickly moved up the search ranking to page one.

Phil Powell Electrical

TJ Plastering & General Building


TJ Plastering came to me looking for a modern looking website to advertise their business. They needed a site to advertise their services and show examples of previous jobs. I have designed the website using the latest web standards with HTML5 and CSS3.

TJ Plastering & General Building

John Doughty Furniture


Jon Doughty is a bespoke furniture maker. He came to me looking for a contemporary looking website design. He wanted a website where he would be proud to host his work, and show off to his clients. I have used a combination of Jon’s current photos and some new taken by a photographer. I used a Photographer to provide the shots I needed to give this website its look.

John Doughty Furniture

Elliott James Roofing


Elliott James already had their website live before they came to me. Although it worked ok and did the job, it did not have quite the right look for them. With their business growing, they joined the Federation of Master Builders' and thought it was time to get their website revamped. I scrapped the original site and started again from scratch, spending time optimising the site for a high ranking on google. They are now very pleased with their new look and are happy to show the website off to new customers.

Elliott James Roofing


This section shows my latest motion projects

Pub Bike Tutorial Videos

I have filmed and edited these bike tutorial videos which help teach people how to repair their own bike. These were filmed on a Cannon 600D SLR and edited with Premier Pro.

The purpose of these videos is to bring traffic to the Pub Bike website from YouTube. Over time I plan to create many more tutorials to help the community with repairing their bikes.